Ceramic heating elements

Infrared ceramic heating elements

Where the intense heat of short wave infrared emitters is not required or heating without light is important, long wave infrared ceramic elements are the answer. Ceramic elements are used universally for may industrial processes and heating applications. Victory’s technical experts can recommend the correct technical solution for your heat requirements.


Flat ceramic elements

These solid cast, flat ceramic elements are used for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. With their low overall height, they enable use where space saving installations are required.

Curved ceramic elements

With similar construction to flat ceramic elements, curved elements are designed for situations requiring a concave geometric design.

Hollow ceramic elements

Hollow cast elements have a shorter heating-up time and provide greater operating temperatures for greater energy efficiency. These elements have customary market dimensions so can replace existing elements.

Ceramic lamps

These ceramic, lamp-shaped, elements have a standard E27 cap so are very versatile. They are suitable for both individual and group configurations and have many general purpose heating applications. They are often used to provide warmth for reptiles, pets and other animal care requirements.