These copies of Victory lamps are not to Victory standards, beware!

We have come across some lamps , which are a copy of an original lamp , invented by Victory. This lamp has no branding, but it appears to be from an importer of cheap poor quality Chinese lamps.


We tested these lamps in our laboratories and found disturbing results

1. A short life of only 1,000 hours

2. CE marked but not compliant with CE standards

3. Recessed contacts are either too low and don’t make contact with the lampholder and hence don’t work

4. Recessed contacts are too high, making the lamp dangerous allowing operator to get an electric shock which could be life threatening

In conclusion insist on Victory lamps, the original, and still the best quality and value for money. The difference in price between a high quality Victory lamp and rubbish like this is minimal, but reliability and safety is irreplaceable.

240v 300w our code is 64243011 for top quality lamps

Alan Penman, Victory Lighting