LED UV module

These combine the benefits of LED — long life and low energy consumption — with the powerful curing properties of ultraviolet light.

Fast, flexible curing and drying

  • Wavelength 365 – 405nm
  • High intensity
  • Air cooled
  • Long life
  • Instant on/off; no warming/cooling phase
  • Dimmable
  • Life of over 20,000 hours

UV reflectors

Reflectors are the perfect way to get the best results from a curing lamp, but not all the output from the lamp is always wanted. A heat-sensitive substrate requires UV but with a minimum of heat and Victory UV reflectors solve this problem. Their unique dichroic coating reflects UV but allows infrared to pass through, thus directing it away from the substrate.

Precision with flexibility

  • High precision optical coatings
  • Can be designed to order
  • Uses PVD Particle Vapour Deposition
  • Multi layer thin film coatings
  • Designed and manufactured in-house