Victory Replacement UV Lamps

Victory Lighting are able to provide replacement UV lamps equivalent to the manufacturers originals.
The tables opposite show just a few of the replacement lamps we can provide.
If you are unable to see the lamp you require, or for more information and assistance contact our Sales Team
Telephone 01525 487 960
Submit your lamp requirements on our specification form
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GEW Part Numbers

GEW 11354 GEW 11356 GEW 11357 GEW 11358 GEW 11363
GEW 11364 GEW 11366 GEW 11367 GEW 11368 GEW 11370
GEW 11377 GEW 11380 GEW 11382 GEW 11385 GEW 11386
GEW 11387 GEW 11390 GEW 11548 GEW 11643 GEW 11838
GEW 11867 GEW 11880 GEW 11931 GEW 11991 GEW 12414
GEW 12484 GEW 12494 GEW 12495 GEW 12496 GEW 12590
GEW 12680 GEW 12784 GEW 12788 GEW 12827 GEW 12926
GEW 12931 GEW 13993 GEW 14052 GEW 14701 GEW 14702
GEW 14704 GEW 14705 GEW 14706 GEW 14708 GEW 14709
GEW 14802 GEW 14957 GEW 15018 GEW 16072 GEW 16594
GEW 16709 GEW 17192 GEW 17201 GEW 17211 GEW 17448
GEW 17452 GEW 17626 GEW 17742 GEW 18065 GEW 18242
GEW 18316 GEW 18496 GEW 18605 GEW 19113 GEW 19375
GEW 19645 GEW 19875 GEW 20431 GEW 21198 GEW 21497
GEW 22300 GEW 22709 GEW 23001 GEW 23086 GEW 23198
GEW 23260 GEW 23305 GEW 23351 GEW 23713 GEW 23919
GEW 23962 GEW 24230 GEW 24244 GEW 24793 GEW 24831
GEW 24893 GEW 24894 GEW 24895 GEW 24896 GEW 24897
GEW 24898 GEW 24986 GEW 24988 GEW 24990 GEW 24991
GEW 25308 GEW 25338 GEW 26122 GEW 26886 GEW 27225
GEW 27315 GEW 27543 GEW 27826 GEW 27936 GEW 27982
GEW 28153 GEW 28540 GEW 28717 GEW 28921 GEW 29743
GEW 30355 GEW 30571 GEW 30793 GEW 30887 GEW 31215
GEW 31416 GEW 31737 GEW 33438 GEW 33829 GEW 35292
GEW 35452 GEW 37134 GEW 39069 GEW 39228 GEW 39993
GEW 40033 GEW 40034 GEW 40186 GEW 40187 GEW 40435
GEW 40464 GEW 40466 GEW 40533 GEW 40552 GEW 40561
GEW 40631 GEW 40636 GEW 40718 GEW 40901 GEW 40910
GEW 40954 GEW 40956 GEW 40957 GEW 40958 GEW 40960
GEW 40961 GEW 40962 GEW 40995 GEW 41012 GEW 41073
GEW 41104 GEW 41105 GEW 41106 GEW 41204 GEW 41251
GEW 41533 GEW 41576 GEW 41635 GEW 41644 GEW 41754
GEW 41774 GEW 41794 GEW 42047 GEW 42068 GEW 42084
GEW 42108 GEW 42119 GEW 42123 GEW 42276 GEW 42323
GEW 42402 GEW 42466 GEW 42493 GEW 47690 GEW 47691
GEW 47692 GEW 47694

IST Part Numbers

I330-NA-2-60 I380-NA-2-75 I400-NA-2-75/1 I450-NA-2-75 I450-NA-2-80
I550-NA-2-80/1 I900-NA3-140 T1030-K T1030-K-1 T1030-K-1H
T1030-K-2H T1030-K-3H T1050-K T1050-K-2H-A T1050-K-2H
T1050-K-2H-C T1050-K-3H T1053-K-2H-45 T1080-2-NA-2H T1080-NA2H
T1080-NA3H T1080-NA-3H-A I1080-NA-3-210 T1100-K-2H T1330-K-2H
T1330-K-3H T1400-K-2H T1450-K-2J T1450-NA-2J T1500-U-DCK-1
T1500-U-J2 T1800-U-1G-A T450-K-3H T450-K-3H-80 T450-N-3H
T500K-2H T500-K2H-45 T550-K-1 T550-K-2H T550-K-2H-A
T550-K-3H T550-N-3H T550-NA-2H T550-K3-110 T580-K-3H
T600-K-3H T650-NA-3H T700-K-1 T700-K-2H-50 T730-K
T730-K-2H T753-K-2H T757-K-2H T757-K-3H-50 T770-K-2H
T770-K-2H-50 T770-K-2H-50-C T770-K-2H-50-A T770-K-35 T770-K-3H
T770-K-3H-50-A T770-N-2H T770-N-2H-A T770-N-3H T770-NA-2-H
T770-NA-3-H-A I770-NA-2-110 I770-NA-3-140 I770-NA-2-110-A I770-NA-3-140-A
I770–3-FE I770–3-FE OF I770-NA-3-140-B I770-NA-3-140-B-OF T850-K-1
T850-K-2H T850-K-2H-A T850-K-3H T900-NA-3H T940-K-3H-45

Philips Germicidal UVC Part Numbers

TUV 4W G5 TUV 6W G5 TUV 8W G5 TUV 10W G5 TUV 15W G13
TUV 20W G13 TUV 30W G13 TUV 40W G13 TUV 5W pl-s2P TUV 7W pl-s2P
TUV 9W pl-s2P TUV 11W pl-s2P TUV 13W pl-s2P TUV 18W pl-l4P TUV 24W pl-l 4P
TUV 36W pl-l 4P TUV 40W pl-l 4P TUV 55W pl-l 4P TUV 10W 4P TUV 14W 4P

Amba Part Numbers

AM10043X AM1006X AM1024X AM1033X AM1041X
AM104X AM10529X AM1093X AM1119X AM1138X
AM1172X AM1176X AM1188X AM1194X AM1205X
AM120X AM1226X AM1247X AM1248X AM1249X
AM1357X AM136X AM138X AM139X AM1407X
AM1430X AM1441X AM1450X AM1454X AM1467X
AM148X AM1506X AM1544X AM1556X AM1561X
AM1566X AM1580X AM1583X AM1589X AM1619X
AM161X AM1623X AM1624X AM1667X AM1677X
AM1698X AM1717X AM173X AM1740X AM1743X
AM1749X AM1753X AM1770X AM1791X AM1792X
AM1800X AM1823X AM1854X AM185X AM1860X
AM1876X AM1879X AM1891X AM1892X AM1897X
AM1899X AM1911X AM1912X AM1933X AM1940X
AM1965X AM1978X AM1983X AM1985X AM2032X
AM2052X AM2055X AM2061X AM206X AM2137X
AM2163X AM2186X AM2192X AM2201X AM220X
AM2211X AM2229X AM226X AM2314X AM2317X
AM233X AM2346X AM2351X AM2359X AM235X
AM2361X AM2364X AM237X AM2404X AM2453X
AM2460X AM2465X AM2466X AM2475X AM2487X
AM24X AM2506X AM250X AM251X AM2553X
AM2554X AM2562X AM2601X AM2612X AM2620X
AM2621X AM2631X AM265X AM2678X AM267X
AM2741X AM2759X AM2780X AM2785X AM2796X
AM2807X AM2822X AM2841X AM2868X AM2877X
AM2888X AM2912X AM293X AM295X AM2960X
AM2979X AM2981X AM2983X AM2990X AM29X
AM3043X AM305X AM3079X AM3095X AM3098X
AM3108X AM3127X AM3146X AM3177X AM3242X
AM328X AM329X AM32X AM331X AM3320X
AM335X AM336X AM3394X AM340X AM3421X
AM3445X AM3458X AM3483X AM3493X AM34X
AM351X AM3530X AM3531X AM3542X AM356X
AM3574X AM3635X AM36X AM3824X AM3842X
AM3881X AM3902X AM391X AM3949X AM3962X
AM3979X AM3984X AM5006X AM5008X AM500X
AM501X AM5049X AM5184X AM5277X AM5284X
AM530X AM5321X AM5329X AM5339X AM5369X
AM5375X AM5393X AM5420X AM5510X AM5547X
AM5609X AM5616X AM5635X AM567X AM5759X
AM575X AM5772X AM5783X AM5801X AM5819X
AM5845X AM5886X AM5890X AM5916X AM5920X
AM5925X AM5926X AM5978X AM5985X AM598X
AM6007X AM6021X AM6030X AM6051X AM606X
AM6083X AM6089X AM615X AM616X AM6278X
AM629X AM6307X AM6336X AM6347X AM6354X
AM6362X AM63X AM6416X AM6432X AM6454X
AM6455X AM6457X AM6461X AM6625X AM6643X
AM6650X AM6655X AM6684X AM670X AM671X
AM6728X AM6745X AM6746X AM6766X AM6770X
AM6790X AM67X AM6825X AM690X AM691X
AM6940X AM7000X AM7014X AM7072X AM716X
AM7355X AM7358X AM737X AM7400X AM7512X
AM7543X AM7545X AM7608X AM7611X AM7688X
AM76X AM774X AM7780X AM7792X AM7969X
AM7995X AM8110X AM81X AM820X AM8283X
AM836X AM8415X AM8468X AM8471X AM853X
AM8595X AM86X AM8832X AM8970X AM9033X
AM9034X AM9068X AM9069X AM9070X AM9072X
AM920X AM9239X AM925X AM9288X AM9303X
AM932X AM942X AM944X AM94X AM9509X
AM9561X AM9685X AM9703X AM973X AM9816X
AM9072X AM9068X AM9070X AM920X AM9561X

Other UV Part Numbers

TUVG5070 KB1732 HOK50/80Ga HOK105/120GA RC0995AG HOC 30/200E
HOC70/180Ga HOC140/180 HOC 27/120 GA E15G-165 KB1889
KB1903 RC1290A T550K3H Gallium RC1330A RC1347A
6555A431GA 1419BH/Ga 6555A431GA 6855A431Ga UVH16521-Ga
647AMZ25 6525A431 1067BMZ Ga 6565A431Ga UVH1421G-0
GSHI-20N RC0997UG 647AMzX/Ga 1800BMz/Ga Hok16
CS493 RC1130A-AC GL30201 PXM4000 Q13023Ga
MG4000 MRS800G GL10201BF UVH13023-Gz1-0 JGMH04041-0
UVH8322G-0 UVH7322G-0 UVH1522/28G-51 UVH12522G-0 UVH6722G-0
1651BQX/Ga 1420BQX/Ga UVH7019GZ-0 UVH3524/28G-51 11Q02502
KB1419 UVH19022G-0 UVH3522/28G-0 UVH14222G-1 UVH3022G-0
KB1451 6865A431GA UVH16519GZ-0 UVH1022G-51 UVH10022G-0
UVH3524/28G-0 UVH1526/28G-51 GL60201BF-E UVH14222 Ga KB1158 Ga
Y18K/60AC/083 Y15K/56AC/083/4100 UVH5026/45G-0 UVH23024G-1 UVH 1530/28 G-0
UVH14222G-1 11D04504 1420BQX 22260 G UVH2022-0
Gallium AC-0015 UVH1528 Gallium RC1016A RC101SAG GP2453L
LNK352152 UVH11022- UVH16523-0 UVH15522 G-0 Rich Inter
UV130-0-240-X10 / UV130-0 UVH2028/45G-0 GL-4K OS55-21007 RC1361A
RC1371A 11U05501MH GL-4K 1420 BQ1/Ga/1 CS339S
31300350 31300351 A816513 KB1338 Ga KB1367
UVH2026G-59 KB 1416 UVH5426G-59 UVH4224/45G-59 UVH3522/45-59 GA
UVH3526/45G-59 UVH1722/28G-59 M250SG-0 UVH10528G-57 KB1808
095-2608 Honle15396N 6810I442 AK1400GA AK1500GA
CK1400CK1 AKX1400GA AK1200 T1500UDCK1 AK800GA
AKX1400GA MC800GA UVH5324G-1 AK1300GA MAX1400Ga
M500U1GA MC1400GA UVHT600UG-0 M600UGA 1400GA
AK200GA UVH3024G-7 KB1484 UVHMAX600G-0 UVH3026G-8
MU800GA UVHM300UG-0 1400MCX/TR AK1600GA 300MCX/DF/GA/1 160
KB1671 11D04201MH AK1500 Ga 1050MAX/1/GA 1030MAX/GA/TR
KB1750 1500MCX/GA 120W AK1400GA 800MC/Ga/TR 1500MC/GA 80W
KB1768 1400MCX/GA MU2HA KB1791 KB1792
KB1793 KB1795 KB1802 1500MCX/GI 120W EL200275
2000MCX/GA120W 1500MCX/GI120 KB1841 M330U2H/GA KB1879
1500MC/GA KB1941 KB1945 KB1949 KB1964
RC1004A RC0991A RC0993U KB1795-1 KB1795-2
KB1964-1 RC1127A RC1235A UVHM100U-0 RC1236A
KB2027 M330U2H/GA KB2045 KB2046 RC1012A
KB2065 KB2066 KB2077 M330U2HA KB2083
RC1349A 1400MCX/Ga-In/TR RC1364A RC1366A RC1379A
RC1384A RC1396A RC1412A RC1413A RC1425A
BU4084D BYUV 1050-200M1 BYUV860-244M1 028-122 UVTG20-1002/1102BT-1
RC1455A RC1464A 48/400C 500172 ITL 500173
KB1828 DPL15034 S7538A4C S7538A4C OS06-26007
EBP155D NG1100GA UPX6000 MP-88-TUVGA UVH4228/45G-59
RC1447A TUV1900 Ga MAC 62-12 4 Ga 62-18 9 Ga RC1480A
RC1477A RC1475A SPG6000S 56033081H0- TH5060 UVE116019
NG25 TH5140 WSL PO151 MH5500GA PSD0307
ULA0313B ULA0415A ULA0270B ULA0167B ULA0125B
ULA0088B 6MD/3200 MQ3000LP TH2000 Eltosch 0469
Eltosch 0469 Honle A9912 MXA7000 KT38 KT38 MHL-38KT
TH2000 UVL-12K1M3-N M750G-CL S7170 MXA7000H
CBT-9K HPM15 HPM17 L1250 HPM13
Q719-Z1 HPM 20/C HPM 15 MH5500GA TH5230
TH3020 L1280 TH4010 TH2080 RQ6138Z1
TH3000 AKT5200 STR1050-0 AA042 MXA7000H
SPG4000S 501887 GL(S)-4K TH8220 TH2000A
THS4020 RQ4128Z1 TH4080A UVH2028G-10 THS5000
MHL-6027S ULA0390A ULA0407A ULA0413A ULA0416A