Infrared heat for special applications

Victory infrared heat sources have many general applications in industry, commerce and domestic situations but there are some applications for which Victory has developed products for specific needs.

Safe warmth for animal husbandry


Victory hard glass lamps and the HLO25 Infrared heater keep animals warm as well as safe.


Infrared heat sources for industrial processing

Victory infrared lamps are an important part of many industrial manufacturing processes, such as PET manufacture, curing of coatings, forming of plastics, annealing, plastic welding, and print drying.

Shortwave infrared drying for the paper industry

The quality and efficiency of Victory IR elements make them an ideal product for the drying of paper. These shortwave infrared lamps make the perfect drying solution as very little heat is lost through convection.

Safe heat for catering

Victory’s range of “Quick Fit” low pressure IR lamps was created specifically for catering applications. They are available as bare types, and also as jacketed lamps for extra protection from food ingress and impact breakage.