Victory has a wide range of infrared heater fittings for use indoors or outdoors, in both domestic and commercial situations. There is also a range of accessories and controllers.

Product testing

Where appropriate, our products are independently tested and certified. Watch this video of one of our heaters undergoing some very tough testing.

Victory Lighting patio & terrace heaters incorporate the very latest developments in infrared heating technology. Safe, silent and beautifully functional, the range is designed to enable you to make the most of your garden, terrace, patio or garage – the perfect versatile heat source.

  • Infrared technology cannot be beaten when it comes to providing temporary or additional heat. Victory Lighting infrared heaters get heat to any area fast, economically and efficiently
  • Safe
  • No worries about pressurised gas or storing cylinders and unlike gas does not require annual service
  • Silent
  • It’s electric – which means peace and quiet in your favourite garden areas
  • Clean
  • No Smells and virtually maintenance-free
  • Compact
  • Clean and easy to store
  • Effective
  • Infrared warms instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it’s switched on
  • Efficient
  • No wasteful heating of the air, infrared warms the surfaces that it meets and the heat is not affected by draughts
  • Economical
  • Running costs are low – just 12 pence per kilowatt hour. Just compare that to the true costs of a gas system. You’ll find that overall running costs are approximately one third of gas heating.

  Panel Heaters


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