Infrared technology cannot be beaten when it comes to providing a bespoke solution for additional heat source.

Victory offers a modular system to help get heat to your specific area fast and efficiently.


Our standard 14kW Modular Strap assembly allows a large heating area for a variety of applications with an array of 14 x 1.0kW short wave quartz lamps mounted with reflectors onto the modular strap framework. It provides a fast, efficient, convenient and bespoke heat source.

The Modular Strap allows for your own bespoke application where the straps can be assembled in a variety of configurations to suit your specific need with any number of lamps arranged to suit the application.

The lamps would be wired into one or more terminal boxes into which your mains power would be connected via your own control system, whether that be a timer or dimmer controller.

Victory supply a suitable Timer controller capable of controlling up to 14kW which is suitable for most needs.


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