Guide to Wattage / BTU Required
To calculate the Watts / BTU required for a given area / room please
  1. Select the Installation type for your Area / Room.
  2. Select the type of work being undertaken there.
  3. Enter the Width, Length and Height in Metres of the Area / Room. The values can be part of a Metre e.g. 2.98
  4. Click "Calculate Watts / BTU" to view required heat.
  5. Don't forget the answer is in Watts & 1,000watts = 1Kw
  6. Still too complicated? then contact us and we will willingly calculate and  design the scheme for you.
Select Insulation Type
Select Type of Work
Insert the area to be heated (all dimensions in Metres)
Area or Room Width
Area or Room Length
Area or Room Height

 Remember  (1000Watts = 1Kw)               Watts:



Watts / BTU Conversion
Enter either Watts or BTU and Click "EQUALS" to get conversion.
Watts BTU (per hour)