Victory product applications

Victory infrared products cover a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic uses. Some examples can be seen on this page, but there are many more.

Infrared people heating

Whether it is to extend the summer or just stay warm in the winter, Victory’s range of people heaters will provide efficient, directional heat.

Victory people heaters can be used outdoors or indoors or and can provide personal heating.

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Applications for Victory infrared heaters

  • Outdoor eating with Victory infrared heaters on parasols
  • Domestic gardens and patios
  • Platforms
  • Farms
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Theme Parks
  • Smoking Shelters

Infrared warehouse heating

In many situations it is not necessary to heat the warehouse itself – just the people in it. That is when Victory infrared heating is ideal, as it just heats objects and people so does not waste energy heating the structure and air. Infrared is a directional, radiant heat source that only heats the objects – or people – it is directed at. Calculate your savings.

Heating Products For Various Applications - HLQ Range

HLQ pro models are designed for general internal installation or under waterproof canopies / roofs, providing quartz short wave high-energy instant infrared heat. With models from 1.5KW to 6KW* they offer the instant answer to many zone or localised heating solutions.

The units can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended, and come in single and three phase versions. They are manufactured from aluminium, and are finished in a neutral ivory powder coat finish. Guards come as standard with all models. All heaters are fitted with high efficiency gold shortwave lamps as standard.

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Examples of possible applications

Heating Products For Various Applications - HLQB Range

Our HLQB Linear range of Quartz Infrared indoor heaters provide instant high energy heat for a wide variety of indoor situations.

Models range from 1.5KW to 18KW, in a variety of sizes and designs, they provide the perfect solution to zone or localised heating requirements that have low energy consumption and substantially reduced emissions compared to gas heaters.

These heaters can be wall mounted or suspended from ceilings and are available for single and three phase circuits.

Manufactured from aluminium and finished with neutral black powder coat, they provide a smart and professional appearance whilst offering durability and longevity.

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Examples of possible applications

Warehouse lighting

Victory is working with its partner, GE Lighting, to offer the ABV-Series LED luminaires.

These award-winning Luminaires utilise cutting-edge LED technology to deliver a wide range of light outputs that replace 250W-1,000W HID and four-to-eight lamp T5/T8 high intensity fluorescent luminaires in high bay warehouse applications.

These state-of-the-art fittings can be matched with motion and daylight sensors for increased energy savings, lower maintenance costs and shorter paybacks. Perfect for warehousing.

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Lighting design service

Victory’s FREE lighting design service can plan your lighting installation for you to ensure it is efficient and meets industry standards. Contact us.

Infrared for industrial processing

Custom-designed infrared curing systems

Victory provides bespoke infrared modules and control systems for all kinds of industries. Standard sizes are available from 1kW to 8kW and other sizes can be made to order.
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Where the intense heat of short wave infrared emitters is not required or heating without light is important, long wave infrared ceramic elements are the answer. Ceramic elements are used universally for may industrial processes and heating applications. Victory’s technical experts can recommend the correct technical solution for your heat requirements.

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Victory infrared quartz medium wave modules provide an efficient heat source for a variety of industrial processes, primarily those that entail thermoforming of plastics. The infrared elements built into quartz panels rapidly provide an even, controlled, heat source.

Modules are available to suit different fitments, in wattages from 150–1250W. Victory’s technical team will be happy to discuss your exact requirement.

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Infrared heat for PET manufacture

A range of linear quartz lamps created specially for PET manufacturing.

They are available with a reflector option that reduces heat loss to the rear, to improve efficiency.

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  • Victory infrared PET lamps can be used in various machines including Krones, Krupp and Coroplast.
  • SK15 lamps, with a reflector coating can also be used in various machines such as Sidel.


Victory Lighting has a comprehensive range of Infrared twin tube emitters specifically designed to fulfil a wide range of industrial applications.

  • High power with high quality
  • High quality quartz
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Clear or coated
  • Single or double ended connections
  • Industry standard ‘ABC…’ lamp types

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Ultraviolet lamps for printing equipment

UV medium pressure lamps play a key part of curing varnishes and inks used in the printing process. Victory supplies both OEMs and printers with high quality lamps that are dependable and deliver the performance needed for this busy industry. Victory supplies lamps for all makes of printing equipment.

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Infrared paint drying systems

Victory infrared paint drying systems incorporate the latest technology in short-wave infrared lamps, for drying sealers, primers, paints and lacquers.

Victory’s range comprises small and large paint dryers.

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