Save money on warehouse heating

Victory infrared (IR) heating is a directional, radiant heat source that just heats people, so does not waste energy heating the stock, the building structure and air.

Compared to the cost of space-heating an entire warehouse, infrared heat is a small fraction of the cost. Take a look at the example below to see how much can be saved.

IR heating also benefits from low installation and maintenance costs and, as it is 'instant on/off' and needs no preheating, it can be controlled by dimmers and PIR sensors, ensuring that only the exact amount of heat is used only when it is needed. Try our savings calculator to see the figures for yourself.

Case study: save nearly 80%

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Space heating: don't waste money heating space.

Infrared heating: just heat what needs heating - the people.

We will be happy to do the calculations for your warehouse. Just contact us with your warehouse details and we will do the rest.

Infrared heaters

The HLW range uses a patented quartz lamp to give a warm colour of light and high instant heat. It is also available with low glare lamps.

HLW heaters are available in wattages from 1.5 - 4.5kW.

Victory HLQ quartz infrared heaters are available in single phase or three phase, 110V or 240V, in a power range of 1.5 - 6kW. Wattages up to 18kW are available to order.

Find out more about Victory infrared heaters.

Victory infrared people heaters

This example shows what can be achieved in a  warehouse where 20 people work at 9 workstations

Area: 864m2 Usage: 37 hours/week

One-man workstation 2.4x3.1m

One-man workstation 2.4x3.1m

Two-man workstation 2.4x4m

Three-man workstation 2.4x4.7

Gas space heating

Electricity cost: 9.16p / kWh

864m2  requires 998,400BTU / 292.5kW

Gas cost: 4.177p / kWh

If this were your warehouse you would save: £1520 per month

Total monthly cost to keep 20 people warm with infrared heating

1.5kW infrared


2.0kW infrared


3.0kW infrared


4.5kW infrared


Infrared controllers

A variety of controllers are available to ensure that heaters are used as efficiently as possible. They include dimmers, remote controllers and PIR.








Not used






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Area: 864m2 Usage: 37 hours/week
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Area: 864m2 Usage: 37 hours/week
Area: 864m2 Usage: 37 hours/week
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Area: 864m2 Usage: 37 hours/week
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