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Platinum low glare infrared lamps

The most advanced low glare infrared heat lamps on the market

Victory Platinum lamps are the first infrared heat lamps to have virtually no light output. This can only be achieved by Victory’s patented technology. Infrared heat is no longer just for smoking areas; these lamps are perfect for stylish living and upmarket retailing.

The technically advanced, patented, coating on Victory Platinum lamps is a formula that is the result of years of research by the Victory R&D team. It filters out visible light, especially the red light associated with many ‘low glare’ lamps. The lamps are perfect for high-end heaters that combine style with the best possible performance.

Victory Platinum lamps have the lowest light output on the market — up to six times less than competitors.

Victory Platinum lamps are available as an option on most Victory infrared heaters or can be used as replacements in existing installations. They are also available to OEM’s..

HIGH efficiency, LOW glare

No more red

Many ‘low glare’ infrared lamps have a gold coating that reduces visible light output, but is not effective in filtering out red light. In many situations this red light is not desirable.

Victory Platinum lamps eliminate nearly all visible light, including red.

Less light, more heat

Competitors’ lamps emit 3-6 times more visible and red light.

How it works

Victory’s patented Platinum coating filters visible light and allows infrared to pass through, which means the lamp is virtually free of visible light.

Graph showing that Victory Platinum infrared lamps emit les light than competitors Illustration of how Victory Platinum lamps filter out visible light Patio heaters with Victory platinum lamp Victory platinum lamp